Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We know you’ll have questions about email lists. We have included answers to many of the most frequently asked questions below.

If you do not see the section that addresses your question, please feel free to contact by phone or email.

General Questions

No.  You can only use our list hosting service with your own opt-in or permission based email list of subscribers

Yes, as the list owner, you always retain ownership of your list subscribers. As list owner, at all times, your list is accessible to only you or to any person(s) which you designate, in writing, to us.

Optionally, as list owner, you can request to have your mailing list set up to allow other list subscribers to obtain the member listing. And, if list membership security is not a concern, you can also elect to make your member listing available to anyone.

Your subscriber list remains in your Dundee Internet SQL database account until you remove your list. We never rent, share, or sell your list of subscribers.

We have several easy ways to import members. Using the Add Members page, within your list account set up on our system you have the option to create a single member, create many members, and to import members from a file. We accept 2 file formats when importing from a file: .txt (text file) and .csv (Comma Separated Values).

You also have the option to add members using an email command sent to the server.

You may also arrange to import the data directly into the SQL server account using tools provided by SQL server. This method loads data most quickly; averaging speeds of 100,000 members per hour.

We prefer contracts because we want commitment from our List Owners that they have a legitimate list of subscribers and are not one time “spammers.” Our contracts are yearly; however, if during the first three months of service with us, you decide to leave, you will not be obligated for the year. We want to make sure we are the right list hosting company for your organization.

There is no limit to the number of emails you can send out per month.

To entice list subscribers, you can offer a free report or other information relative to your web site’s content. For example if you’re a Pet Store you could offer free grooming tips; if you own a bakery you could offer a free recipe, etc. Ensure that they have to request the information so you obtain their email address. Once their email address (and other demographic information you may have requested) is obtained, send an automated email message to them, thanking them for their interest and offer to send more information on a regular (or semi-regular) basis. Within that message, offer them the ability to get future mailings from you as indicated above in the mailing itself. We include tools to make this an easy one-click process to confirm their permission for you to send your email to them. This will allow you to create a true opt-in list.

And remember to promote your list at trade shows, conferences, and purchases-any time you touch your customer, always invite them to join your list.

Dundee Internet has different payment plans to suit the needs of everyone. Package Comparison List for pricing and options.

Dundee Internet offers discounts to nonprofit agencies and lists for personal non-commercial usage. We do have some restrictions for this discount. Additional details can be found by selecting this link.

You can optionally track the email addresses that open your message, and track those who clicked on the links within your emails.

Lyris ListManager™ offers a built in survey tool so users can create questionnaires with single, multiple or open ended responses (text entry questions).

Survey responses are trackable and survey results easily analyzed. The survey form ListManager™ generates can be edited to match the look and feel of your email publication or website.

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Technical Questions

We will assist you with basic training. The list is managed by our software as is the tracking. We provide you with access to charts and graphs having your detailed list statistics. AND we are always available by email and phone.

The Lyris ListManager™ List Admin interface includes an HTML editor that allows users to compose HTML messages with color, images, tables and more–without knowing any HTML.

Yes. Templates are easy ways to pre-format content. Lyris ListManager™ provides built-in templates for you to use and allows you to create your own templates. Read additional information regarding custom templates.

Dundee Internet offers a template creation service. You can work with us to design a customized template with the look and feel you desire for your newsletter. Alternatively, you can have your web designer do the same thing.

Yes. Most messages that can be automatically sent to your customers can also be customized to fit your style, wording, and format. These include, but are not limited to, the hello, goodbye, and confirm letters.

Our long-standing policy is that all new subscribers to lists that the public can join must go through a confirmation process. Our Lyris ListManager™ server provides an automated process to make this easy for both the list owner and the subscriber and we strongly encourage the use of the built-in system. However, we do not require that our automated confirmation process be used as long as such a process exists and works.

The confirmation process starts (for example) when someone fills out a subscription form on your website. If you are using our Lyris ListManager’s™ confirmation process, an email is sent to the requesting email address. This email contains instructions for the prospective subscriber to follow to confirm that he/she wants to join your list and also validates that this is the correct email address to use for the mailings. The confirmation can be one of two processes: the user can click on a link provided in the email to confirm the subscription or they can reply to the email thus confirming the same. Once the confirmation is received by the ListManager™ server, either via the click or the return email, a “hello” message (a Welcome Letter) is sent to the subscriber.

If you use your own confirmation method, you can add your confirmed members to the list via the various methods we supply to upload list members. You must be able to supply us with confirmation data upon request.

Yes. Administrators can subscribe and unsubscribe users by sending an email message to the list’s join address instead of using the web interface. However, in today’s environment of bogus emails from viruses and worms, this method should only be used with complimentary security measures to prevent bogus subscriptions. Contact the Help Desk for more information on how to secure these types of transactions.

No. The system will always send feedback messages. However, you can customize every single word of these messages (confirm requests, hello message, goodbye messages, et al) except for messages sent upon a subscription request (or unsub request) where the subscriber is already a member or already unsubscribed. Those particular messages are canned and not changeable by anyone.

We support SOAP API. You can access and manipulate the database tables using SOAP. (Simple Object Access Protocol). The API can be invoked from any language with SOAP support, including:


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Delivery Questions

Dundee Internet has excellent long term on-going relationships with many of the worldwide primary ISPs and blacklist administrators. We monitor list traffic 24/7 for any potential delivery issue, working around the clock to ensure the best email delivery possible.

We proactively validate new customer lists. We review new lists for common signs of problematic issues, i.e., indications of harvesting, etc. If a problem is discovered the entire list is rejected.

We require all subscribers to be opt-in. All new customers must have online resources for email list member sign up. Additionally all customers are required to have a working website and email.

We verify all DNS including checking the validity of the contact records, verify mail is RFC compliant, weed out bad addresses (for example immediately removes errors of type 550 (user unknown), we do not allow open relays and limit connections by IP address, avoiding overload with other mail servers.

We will try to send a message 6 times—one initial send and five retries over a 48 hour period. If a mail server reports that an address is permanently non-deliverable, we will only attempt to deliver to it once for that mailing. This kind of bounce is a permanent failure. A message that is undeliverable for other reasons (e.g., mailbox is full or mail server does not respond) is a transient failure. If an address is undeliverable for the initial send and all the retries, it is considered to have bounced once.

Even if a mail server initially accepts the message and later determines that the user does not exist, we will be able to record that address as having bounced. In this situation, the receiving mail server will reply to the Lyris ListManager™ server with error mail. This error mail will go to the bounce email address and will contain the user’s unique member ID number, so ListManager™ will be able to track it back to the particular address unable to accept mail. This kind of bounce will not appear in delivery reports.

We can mail up to 500,000 messages an hour.

We use the latest in list technology, Lyris™ Technologies’ Lyris ListManager™, a high-performance list server for opt-in email marketing campaigns, email announcement lists, newsletters, and online discussion groups.

We support all message types, including text, HTML, multipart MIME, and AOL formats, as well as international (double-byte) characters. You can personalize your messages with wizards, for inserting mail merge tags and conditional content. And it’s easy to archive and reuse previously sent content. You can target your most relevant customers with the segment builder, selecting by customer demographics, behavior, or any other fields in your database. You can use SQL queries to trigger automated messages when customer data changes.

Dundee Internet Services was Lyris™ Technologies first customer going back to January 1997 and ListManager v1.0. Because of our involvement with Lyris ListManager™ over the years we can legitimately claim to be the most experienced commercial ListManager operator on the planet…pre-dating even Lyris™ Technologies own list hosting business. We currently have, and have always had, the largest single installation of Lyris™ ListManager.
We have more experience running large lists on Lyris ListManager™ than anyone else…period.

DKIM is a technology that protects against message tampering and protects against address identity theft by allowing a mail server to sign it’s outgoing mail using public key encryption (Digital Signature) in the message header. With DKIM the sent email(s) is identified and can be traced back to a specific domain for authentication.

DKIM will improve email campaign performance by helping you build your online reputation and maintain trust with Internet Service Providers. DKIM authentication is a standard feature of Lyris ListManager™. DKIM benefits include email authentication advancements without engaging the support of your IT department.

It is a tool used to create targeted email campaigns that ensure the best results. A/B Split testing allows
you to analyze and estimate the results of an email campaign by emailing the right email message
at the right time to your audience – the message that will yield the highest results; i.e. opens and clickthroughs.
Use A/B testing to evaluate your marketing campaigns and to benefit from this analysis by discovering your readership responses base on several factors including the best day to send your messages, the time of day and the best subject line wording.

Lyris ListManager™ with built in advanced A/B split testing capabilities offers an easy to use, wizard driven
interface that goes beyond other providers A/B splits as List Manager allows users to test up to ten different
versions of their message. Users can test different subject line, content, or offers to determine the most effective version of their message.

The features of Lyris ListManager™ A/B Split-Testing include:

  • Randomly generated test segments
  • Concurrent sending of test email
  • Comparative reporting on a variety of such as subscribes, unsubscribes, opens, clickthroughs, and purchases
  • Easy to use, wizard-driven functionality for creating and running your tests