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Who uses Dundee's Group Email Personal/Non-Proft List Services for Discussions, Announcements, and Newsletters?

Dundee Internet’s list services for non-profit agencies, non-commercial organizations and individuals alike enjoy professional list management hosting with the full power and professional features of Lyris ListManager™ at competitive prices.

Host your group email and discussion lists with the most experienced Lyris ListManager™ provider on the planet! – Dundee Internet – Featuring a fast and reliable mailing list service complete with a web interface, for administrators and users, digests, index options, and searchable archives:

  • FREE Setup! $29.95 per month for basic list hosting with the ability to send attachments 
  • Fast delivery: 99.99% of messages delivered in seconds!
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  • Restrictions on use:
    Individual or non-profit use only: the Dundee’s Group Email Personal/Nonprofit List Services are only available to individuals and non-profit organizations and may not be used for any commercial purposes to include any solicitation or offering of items and/or services for sale.    Need a commercial e-mail list program?
    Unsubscribe instructions: Dundee Email Personal List Services lists that are open for public subscription must carry a footer with instructions on unsubscribing from the list to reduce the number of messages sent to our staff by people trying to leave the list. Unsubscribe instructions must also be included in the list’s welcome message.
    Maximum list size: the Dundee Email Personal List Services does not limit the number of subscribers. For larger Personal or Non-Profit lists, you should choose one of our commercial list plans.
    Setup charge: The initial setup charge is FREE!
    Note that setup only covers the creation and initial set-up of the list.
    If you need assistance with importing subscribers from a database program or importing archives from another mailing list, we can provide this service at an additional fee.
  • Hosting charge: The monthly recurring charge (MRC)* is $29.95. This fee covers subscribes, unsubscribes, hello messages and other administrative messages plus archives and search engines, if applicable.
  • Volume Discount: Each month you use actively use the system, your account with be credited up to $8.48 off your monthly volume charge.  (This discount represents 10.600 message units) 
  • Monthly Message Fees: The monthly message volume fee is actual message units sent over the message units that are included with your selected Service Type. These prices are based on a message unit size of 40k. If you are planning to send messages larger than 40k these prices do not apply. Messages larger than 40k are calculated in increments of 1k, i.e., we do not round up to the next 10k level. You are only charged for the exact size of your messages (that are larger than your included message unit size) that are processed for distribution to your mailing list. For example, if you sent a message that is 42k in size, you would be charged for 1.2 message units.

    Pricing examples:
    The monthly list hosting fee formula is:

list fee = basic hosting fee + (volume surcharge * size multiplier)

A moderately active list of 170 subscribers sends 6 messages a day in a 31-day month for a total of 31,620 messages 40k in size. Using the formula above:

$29.95 (MRC)*+ ((((31,620 monthly messages – 10,600 (discount))/1000) x $0.80) ) = $46.76

An extremely active list of 70 subscribers sends 100 messages a day in a 31 day month for a total of 217,000 messages 40k in size. Using the formula above:

$29.95 (MRC)* + ((((217,000 messages – 10,600) (discount) /1000) $0.80)  = $195.07

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