Commercial and Bulk Lists

Who are these services for?

Commercial and Bulk Email List services are ideally suited to non-technical users who want to take advantage of the power of mailing list technology, without having to become mailing list experts themselves. The benefits of mailing lists are well known:

  • Better organization and communication.
  • Better information flow, with near-instant delivery of documents at extremely low costs.
  • Decreased reliance on costly conference calls and face to face meetings.
  • Greatly facilitated telecommuting work.
  • More spontaneous team work.
  • Significant reduction in printing and copying costs.
  • More spontaneous exchange of views and ideas than during a formal (and often intimidating) meeting
  • And much, much more!

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Selecting a List Service Type and Pricing

The “Commercial and Bulk Email List” services can be tailored to suit individual needs. Four types of service are available, ranging from simple list hosting with limited archives to a complex system complete with mail, web and secure newsgroup access plus HTML archives with full text searching capabilities. This allows you to choose the level of features you want Dundee Internet Services to provide for operating your list.


for customers who need a simple mailing email list without permanent archive and search capabilities and/or advanced features such as segmentation and tracking capabilities.


for customers who need some campaign building features with advanced reporting and tracking attributes.


includes all the Silver and Gold capabilities plus a HTML Search Engine and Secure Newsgroup access to your email list.


for Sales and Marketing campaigns with ability to track actual sales and purchases.