Email Marketing

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Send a Welcome letter series, use, A/B testing and list segmentation – become an email marketing professional 
For commercial email marketing, resellers, non-profits and anyone who wants to increase their subscriber list and grow their ROI

Features Benefits
Drip Campaigns
Improve engagement and loyalty
Promote relevant content
Nurture leads
Trigger email
Increase Customer Retention
Segment wizard
Increase open rates
Better deliverability
Higher customer retention
Higher ROI
Lower unsubscribes
Add value for your customer
Increase customer engagement
Sequential Email
Capture and hold your audience attention
Web Forms
Grow your subscriber base
Collect demographics with our survey wizard
Increase list membership with refer a friend
Set expectations with a Welcome campaign
Targeted Messages
Schedule your mailings
Better response rates with personalized messages.
Send colorful eye catching emails to any connected device
Custom Templates
Work with our professional to create your one-of-a-kind template for your next email campaign

Selecting a List Service Type and Pricing

Four types of services are available, ranging from simple list hosting with limited archives, to a full featured list hosting service, which includes web and secure newsgroup access, HTML archives with full text searching capabilities, custom landing pages and optional web design and hosting.


for customers who need a simple mailing email list without permanent archive and search capabilities and/or advanced features such as segmentation and tracking capabilities.


for customers who need some campaign building features with advanced reporting and tracking attributes. Plus a HTML Search Engine and Secure Newsgroup access to your email list.

Virtual Email List Server

for customers that need a reliable, fast, technologically advanced email list hosting solution, under their own domain and IP address, without the added cost.

Non-Profit with Attachments

for customers with members that want to send attachments with their messages. The list owner can restrict the attachment size or not. Send any type of file: i.e., text, csv, exe, pdf, scripts, etc.

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