So Why Choose Us?

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Many changes have happened these past 20 years. Today you can find list hosting everywhere. However very few of these companies have the experience and background Dundee Internet “list hosting” Services, brings to the table. We continue to service our customers’ worldwide with the best software available; Lyris ListManager™ (now Aurea LM), because it continues to grow and embrace the changes that current list owners expect and demand.

Dundee Internet Services, Inc.,  is widely recognized as the most experienced commercial operator of the Lyris ListManager™ software on the Planet!  We continue to excel as a top ESP throughout the worldwide community of List Owners.

Our goal:  to keep the emails flowing steadily with greater than average deliverability rates, using advanced email-marketing tools you only read about.

Because we care about you and your list needs. Whether you have 10 subscribers or 10 million subscribers, or 1 list or 100’s of lists, Dundee Internet can run them all. Our reputation is your reputation, and your reputation is ours. When you select Dundee Internet you can trust your email with us, based on our firm sender relationships, a no-spam policy that we actually stick to, excellent customer service and list hosting options for individuals to a dedicated server running your own branded ListManager™ interface or license. Our Lyris™ list hosting services and support are listed as “exemplary” in “Poor Richard’s Email Publishing” The best-selling E-Zine ‘How To’ book by Chris Pirillo!!

1996, Dundee Internet Services was formed as a dialup ISP. A year later Dundee Internet determined not to be just another Internet Service Provider decided to expand, aspiring to be a worldwide list hosting company, an ESP. The search for the optimal list software was on. After substantial research and consideration, we selected to work with a small California firm who had developed list-hosting software. In early 1997, we became the first paying customer of this California firm, making us the first company worldwide to offer Lyris ListManager™ as an ESP (Email Service Provider). With ListManager™ (and other related products) installed on our servers we knocked on the doors of local industry to introduce this powerful communication and marketing software tool. Unfortunately, at first, most did not get it, or see the future of using email altogether; in retrospect, today they can’t live without.

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