Do you email a monthly Newsletter to your customers? Are you an email marketer sending offers to millions of list members, and need an easy way to segment, send and track your marketing campaigns? Do you have many email lists to manage, demanding too much time and effort to run them all efficiently?

Are you a non-profit organization using email to organize your volunteers, keep your staff informed of upcoming events or just soliciting supporters for much needed donations? OR perhaps, you need action alerts or a fast way to disseminate information to a large group of people.

Did you know, not all email programs or Email Service Providers are created equal. Discover Dundee Internet email list hosted solutions,featuring Lyris ListManager™, a feature rich email list platform known worldwide, and uncover all the benefits email marketing has to offer.

  • Send attachments, rich media files and images.
  • Utilize advanced management tools with triggered and sequential mailings.
  • Create and activate transactional messages using the normal mailing workflow.
  • Host discussion email lists with individual user settings, complete with searchable archives.
  • Configure ListManager™ to integrate with other applications (I.e. WordPress) using the API Interface.
  • Create custom reports or select from over 200 built in reports.
  • Display the Clickthrough Heatmap, for specific links in a sent message that drew the most traffic.
  • Send a reminder text, announcement or invitation


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Lyris List Manager

Never an email list membership limit, no sending restrictions.
Become the master of your email. We help you get there.

And so cost effective: Dundee Email list hosting Services, the best of the best with a price hard to beat.

Dundee Internet Email List Services, since 1997, email list hosting made easy for anyone to create a mailing list to meet their mailing list goals.

  • Announcements
  • Discussion Groups
  • Conference planning
  • Newsletters
  • Custom Templates
  • Family email lists
  • Special interest groups
  • Technical and product support discussion groups
  • Coupon marketing
  • Social Media integration for any email list you desire
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We Offer the following

Virtual Email List hosting

( for multiple lists)

Vanity Email List hosting


Email List Hosting reseller plans

Custom Templates

Commercial/Bulk Email Lists

Personal Email Lists/ Non-Profits

Discussion Email Lists

Sales and Marketing Email List Hosting

(typically over 500,000 to millions list members)

One-On-One Service

Optional/ Additional Services


Selecting an Email List Service Type and Pricing

Commercial and Bulk E-Mail List services can be tailored to suit individual needs. Three service packages are available, ranging from simple email list hosting with limited archives to a complex system complete with mail, web and secure newsgroup access plus HTML archives with full text searching capabilities. This allows you to choose the level of features you want Dundee Internet Services to provide for operating your email list.

Improve your online success by building valuable relationships with email list management. All packages are highly customizable and give you total control over your subscribers 24/7.


for customers who need a simple mailing email list without permanent archive and search capabilities and/or advanced features such as segmentation and tracking capabilities.


for customers who need some campaign building features with advanced reporting and tracking attributes.


includes all the Silver and Gold capabilities plus a HTML Search Engine and Secure Newsgroup access to your email list.


for Sales and Marketing campaigns with ability to track actual sales and purchases.

Optional Services/Additional Services:

Coupon and You™ Marketing

Create timely personalized coupon marketing campaigns for any sale, store special, holiday, sporting event or any other festivities you desire. Plans starting as low as $3.75 per mailing.

Lyris ListManager™ Managed Services

Managed Hosting that works the way you do!
Dundee Internet has developed ‘proprietary software to allow remote server monitoring for alive up times, including the interface, SMTP and HTML services. Monitoring is done 24/7 with an active “alarm” alert condition if the server ceases to function in the alive state. If an alert is sounded the specialized software will reboot the interface; other action will be taken if reboot is not viable.

One-On-One Service

Dundee One-on-One offers expert assistance in the following areas:

  • Assistance with your newsletter or announcement composition
  • Format your message for HTML, plain text, or both
  • Create a matching ezine and/or templates to complement your existing website
  • Upload and test your content
  • Schedule your mailings
  • Personalized training
  • Analyze and interpret your mailing reports
  • Upload your subscribers