Resale Lists and Virtual Services

Virtual list hosting solutions for Agency and Resellers
Non-profit Organization & Personal accounts.

Bring value added services to your customers in an environment where you control your costs: Pay for what you use, not by the number of lists or list members.

Value added services for your customers as a:

  • Web DeveloperWeb Designer or Web Hosting Company: Offer exemplary list hosting services under your own domain name and IP address, without the added cost of in-house IT expenses.
  • Marketing Company or Advertising Agency: Manage all your email campains for all clients from one location.
  • Email List Hosting Reseller: Offer your customers a reliable, fast, technologically advanced email list hosting solution, with Dundee Internet Email List Services. Set your own custom prices for a greater ROI by eliminating the cost of licensing and learning additional software.


Multi-list management service for:

  • A marketing firm overseeing many product lines, companies or websites needing individual list solutions under one umbrella.
  • Non-profit agencies looking for a one-stop solution in list management for several departments, services and branch organizations.

When you order a Dundee Internet Services Virtual List Hosting Package*

You can:

  • Create as many mailing lists as needed with no set-up fees or any involvement with Dundee server administrators.
  • Run your mailing lists virtually, with no visible connection to Dundee Internet Services. It will appear to everyone that you have your own dedicated Lyris™ server!
  • Create and use your own list brand name.
  • Re-sell your list services to others.
  • Have all the Lyris™ features at your fingertips.

email with your pricing questions.

Commercial Virtual List Hosting Package plans start at $150 a month.

Each plan includes unlimited sending.

  • Virtual List Hosting for Non-Profit and Personal Accounts
    $75 monthly
    $50 one time setup fee
    Unlimited list creation at your fingertips: includes 10 lists, with additional lists billed at $5 a month.
    Messages are billed at $0.75 per 1,000 based on 20K message unit size*
    The first 72,116 message units are included with your monthly fee
    Features based on Dundee Diamond Plan
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