From Email to text messages, We’ve got you covered!

Dundee Internet makes email list campaign management and email marketing a breeze. It’s packed with automation and easy-to-use email list management tools. Dundee Internet provides the BEST Email Hosting service available.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 to create and send messages.

number 1

Simply create your message content (plain text to HTML templates).

number 2

Create your mailing (segments, triggered, transactional, sequential…).

number 3

Send it and track your mailing results with immediate feedback: view real time reports on your recipients email engagement.

Get better results with advanced Email Marketing. Our platform helps you create effective email campaigns to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions.
Choose our solution to take your email marketing to the next level with expert help from our team.

Email Marketing Solutions

  • Send emails from your personalized domain name.
  • Effortlessly create new lists as needed.
  • Enjoy the freedom of unlimited email sends.
  • Benefit from unrestricted list membership – no penalties as your list grows.

Business Email Solutions – for businesses looking for professional email hosting and management

  • Email with your business domain name
  • Unlimited sends
  • Total Security
  • Professional Support                                                    


For Non-profit Organizations

  • Experience top-tier group email hosting with effortless list management
  • Simplify sending announcements and reminders.
  • Easily distribute surveys to engage your audience.

Virtual Email List Server Solutions

  • Explore resale options under your personalized domain.
  • Host multiple email lists at an affordable rate.
  • Customize your lists based on your unique criteria.
  • Ideal for schools, non-profit organizations, and commercial entities requiring multiple lists under one umbrella, for all list types.

Managed Email Marketing Services

  • Leverage our full-service solutions: Provide us with your subscriber list and content, and we’ll handle everything else. We’ll create a responsive design template, dispatch your messages, and deliver comprehensive campaign statistics directly to you.
  • Accelerate your business growth effortlessly with strategic email marketing.
  • Optimize your budget and save valuable time.
  • Send timely and relevant communications with your audience for maximum impact.

What Our customers say

blonde avatar

Your tech support was awesome.

Luci, Foot and Ankle Association

black hair female avatar

“It is nice to see that there is still small companies out there that have passion behind the people.”

Mrs. E Gates; Marketing Consultant

brunette female with glasses avatar

Dundee Service is so wonderful that we rarely have questions!

Jennie; GLSP

blonde avatar

You people are the best, and Marty especially so!

Mary Edwards

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a plan that fits your needs.




No Contracts

No Commitments

No Setup Fee

Up to 500 members

No Email Message Limit, based on a 30K unit size. New Customers only. Credit Card required for services.

Non-Profit with attachments



No Setup Fee -Send Unlimited Messages

Unlimited List Members

The First 10,600 messages are free, that's a discount of $8.48 off your monthly volume charge.

Attachment of any kind

The discounts represent 10,600 message units. Volume is charged at $0.80 per 1,000 message units. **




Initial Setup Fee*: $25

Unlimited List Members

Unlimited Monthly Messages

First 56,250 Messages are free, that's a discount of $45 off your monthly volume charge.

The discount represents 56,250 message units based on 40k per message unit. If the volume is over the discount messages, volume is then charged @ $0.80 email units per 1,000 messages.**

Virtual Email List Server for non-profit, commercial and resellers

Unlimited List Members

Unlimited Monthly Messages

Send From Different Domains

Dedicated IP

Achieve positive marketing feedback with total Email Engagement with Dundee Mailing List Services.

Technology Never Felt So Good!

Reach new or existing clients in a personalized, professional manner. Effectively create and send commanding targeted email campaigns at a fraction of the cost of other services.

Dynamic Content Segmentation and  Automation

Automated Email List Management

Complaint Management

Feedback Loops

Email List Content Verification

Live On Time Reports

Mail Stream Technology

Message Content Analysis

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