Your Email Progression 2020 and beyond


Email works in a fluid environment.  Changing are the laws, industry standards and customer expectations.  Change include the coming and going of well-known email platforms, the merging of companies or the total disappearance of a well know email brand. 

The fluctuating email environment will bring new ideas, new strategies, new opportunities and I’m sure new problems and concerns we have yet to think about.  There are some emerging trends such as 

The future will have more laws and regulations, more design, developments and definitely, more technology upgrades.

And then to lessen the SPAM ISP’s will continue to require:

Email clients will be more accepting of the different types of email

Email clients will accept bigger files, animation and so forth.


Yahoo will be using the one click unsubscribe button like AOL 

And some things will not change:

You’ll always be able to measure campaign performance

With the right email provider you will be able to “see” each subscriber who interacts with your message and whether that message lead the subscriber to a conversion.  It will continue to be the most measurable marketing channel, using the stats you’re all familiar with, click through, opens, referrals.    It can only get better.