Creating a newsletter for your Lyris ListManager™ with MS Word

Are you good at working in MS Word?

Need a quick way to create a newsletter for your Lyris ListManager™?

This tutorial will show how to create a newsletter using Microsoft Word. You can just do a simple newsletter or use one of the templates available online. A simple one will be less kb. Using one of the online templates can increase the message size up to 42kb. There are 2 parts to this tutorial.


Step 1 – Open a New Microsoft Word Document

word document

You will need to insert a single table of 1 column and 1 row that will hold your header image

insert table

Below is your Word Document with the single table. Type in “Header Image”


Now you need to insert another table. This one in going to be for your content. This table is going to be a single row table with 2 cells.

add 2 cells

Now we can add some color to the table by right clicking inside a table cell and choosing “Border and Shading” from the menu.

borders and shading

In the borders and shading window choose the color you would like. I picked a lime green.

color picker

I now have my table layout all set. I choose a light lime and light yellow for my 2 table cells.

cells with color

Below I have added my content to my table area. I even made an additional table and put a dashed border around it for a coupon. We can finish editing in Lyris ListManager™. We now need to save this document as a web page

template with content

Go to File -Save As. For the “Save as type: choose Web Page and click save. Save in a folder that will be easy to find and browse too.

save as screen

After you have saved your Word document. Now log into your Lyris ListManager™ and go to Content -New Content.

new content

Under the New Content fill in the “Essentials” tab then click on the “HTML Message” tab.

essentials tab

Under the HTML message tab scroll to the bottom and click on “Import File”.

html message

Click on the Browse button to locate your saved Word document that you created and saved as a Filtered Web Page.


Once your MS Word document is imported you can then finish editing your content, add
your images from the “Image Library”. Then save and do a test mailing.

finished product