Wimpy Landing Pages Can Make or Break Your Email Campaign

You just finished your email project and it took weeks of planning, hours of testing and selecting just the right mix of photos, fonts and colors for your marketing campaign.  You’re excited.  This email campaign is the one everyone has been waiting for and you are expecting big results.

All your effort and time has been focused on the job at hand.  Your emails will be sent out with a perfect, tested, attention grabbing subject line and content.  Because you send with consistent  formatted headers, your recipients will easily recognize you as the source of the communication.  All your messages will be personalized and segmented, relevant to the specific subscriber.  You have everything ready and you’re about to send.  BUT WAIT!  Did you forget something? – Something so important that it can make or break your entire email campaign.   Where are all these subscribers being directed to once they open your email?  Will they follow a link to a wimpy landing page with iffy information on a poorly crafted website eliciting distrust and apprehension because the landing page message they read is confusing, unrelated to your initial email that lead them in the first place,?  Or, will they “land” on a relevant landing page highlighted with a strong call to action statement with content applicable to your recent email campaign?

Yes it’s true, a landing page can make or break your well planned out, executed, email campaign.  Why spend all that time and energy on email marketing only to fall short by failing to deliver a landing page that begs to be read and used, designed to work with your campaign with a strong call to action message and useful relevant content for all your list subscribers.

Custom design a landing page for your email subscribers so they have a clear idea of what you expect from them.  Check your work and work your page.  Make sure you:

  • Test your links both in your email messages and on the landing pages.
  • Create a landing page that matches the tone and theme of your email.  Your subscribers are there because they found something of value in your initial message.  Link to a landing page that communicates with the same look and feel as your email.  Don’t confused the subscriber by introducing an entire new theme and message.
  • Landing pages work best by being concise and direct with a call to action that is easy for your subscribers to follow.  Clear direction will motivate your subscribers to sign up for a survey, click on link, download a PDF or sign up for a Webinar.
  • Build on the trust you have cultivated with your list subscribers.  The landing page is a place for you to follow through the  promises made in your initial email.
  • Take advantage of your landing page white space; there is nothing wrong with advertising other services while you hold true to your original offer.
  • Customize your landing page message for a specific audience.  Create as many landing pages as needed to cover the offers in your email: remember the goal of a landing page is to provide your subscribers specific targeted information that is relevant  while increasing your conversions rates.  (measured by the number of subscribers performing a desired action such as downloading a PDF).
  • Use the A/B split testing concept and try different web elements within your landing pages.  Are your list subscribers most likely to buy a CD if there is a sample of the song on the landing page or more likely to take action if there is only a picture of the artist

And the benefits of creating a good landing page are invaluable as they:

  • Increase open and click-through rates
  • Create more selling/marketing opportunities
  • Define and set choices and expectations
  • Offer helpful relevant content
  • Create a positive brand experience
  • Allows self evaluation of your campaign.

Remember, you want your email campaigns to work for you and be a good experience for your subscribers. Always use landing pages and create a positive atmosphere for your visitors by providing content that is relevant to your email campaign and offer them useful information so they can’t wait to receive your next email.  Need help creating a landing page.  Contact info@dundee.net for assistance.