Who Really Processes Everything They Read or Hear?

Information is everywhere.  There is so much information coming at us from all directions, all the time, it becomes difficult to process everything.  In fact, some of us just mentally stop processing everything we read or hear altogether.  It becomes too overwhelming to think about.  Too much information can desensitize us, cloud the critical issues, for ourselves, our family and our community.

As a non-profit, you need to get your information out there too.

But as you know most people, businesses, and organizations understand that their customers, clients, and volunteers are inundated with groups to join on Facebook, Twitter feeds to follow, banner ads to click on, Instagram posts to view, etc., AND if you’re running the media campaign on these Social Networks, what once was a simple few hours a week has probably turned into a full-time job.

Is it necessary to spend so much time on the Social Web? Is that the best way to keep up with your current goals and directives: Keep in touch with your donors, volunteers, and community members.   Not to forgo the Social Frenzy but it’s been noted that a much simpler and direct approach works better when it comes to communication with these groups, email –  a push technology that has been used for years:  it’s easy, trackable, cost-effective, and personal, with instant results. Unlike Social Media, where you have to wait for your audience to log on to a certain unsearchable web page, with email, you just create your content and send it out to your list members.

Dundee Internet offers list hosting on the Lyris ListManager platform.  When you create your email content, to raise money, ask for volunteers, share a story or just automatically say thank you for a purchase you can easily personalize all your email messages, speak directly to them, not to a group of followers.   For example, John is a member of your list, he has a Cocker Spaniel named Daisy. He recently purchased a daisy decorated dog a collar from your website to support a dog rescue adoption event. Personalized your email:

Dear John,

“We thank you for your recent purchase of our hand-painted dog collar. We hope Daisy enjoys it! “kita dog

And follow up, automatically a few days later, with an event reminder for Rescues with a personal invitation.

Connecting to people through email is an easy, simple and dependable way to make your non-profit stand out from the rest.  Adding personalization and using other email tools, such as triggered email you will solidify your subscriber base, adding and keeping loyal and beneficial members to your organization.

Email tools will allow you to compose and schedule advance notices, thank you messages, membership anniversary greetings, to email specific receipts, email timely renewal reminders.  All email messages can be sent on a specific date (i.e. Holiday) or as a result of a recipient’s action (i.e.  Purchase), You can decide the parameters and sending criteria for any type of message.

Don’t get lost in the Web of Social Media.  Along with your Social presence make sure you use email marketing to reach out and grab the attention of your supporters.  Show them they matter to your non-profit as an individual with personalization, just one tool you can use when running an effective email campaign with Dundee Internet Services.  For more information on what ListManager and Dundee Internet Services can do for you please visit our website at mailinglistservices.com


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