What Email Marketing Can Do For You

Which type of company are you?

Some companies play a percentage game, sending unsolicited bulk e-mail to hundreds and thousands of addresses with the hope of getting a “sale”, not with the hope of getting repeat business.  They aren’t looking for a long-time business relationship with their customers; they just want to sell in quantity – but not our customers!

Some companies mail  solicited e-mail on occasion, without understanding the relationship or value an email list should have with their business.

Some companies send solicited e-mail to keep an ongoing business relationship with their customers so that their customers remember them and recommend them when it comes time to buy their product or service. These companies know what an email marketing list can do for their business.

What can an email marketing mailing list do for you?

Email communication is an excellent tool to use to distribute important information to your web site guests and clients.

Publishing a newsletter (e-zine); –

* 1. Establishes trust between you and your clients. Publishing a newsletter helps you establish you as a reputable internet business and over time inspire trust.
* 2. Brings web visitors back – when someone signs up for your newsletter, the mailing itself will serve as a reminder to them to revisit your site again and again, eventually turning your newsletter subscribers into paying customers.
* 3. Establishes YOU as an EXPERT.  By publishing a newsletter and writing your own articles (or talking about one of your products or giving helpful hits) subscribers will come to see you as an expert in your own field.
* 4. Builds Brand Loyalty. The familiarity they feel from reading your newsletter will reinforce brand loyalty to your site, turning many of your current subscribers who are prospects into future customers.
* 5. Keeps current and potential customers Up-To-Date- on new products and services. Web sites change but your newsletter allows you to share this important information with your current and potential customers, and bring them back for a new sale. Nothing is worse than having a client tell you he went to one of your competitors because he didn’t know you offered that same service or product.
* 6. Builds relationships- and allows you to build an opted-in email marketing list. Relationship marketing is important on the Web and publishing your own newsletter will help you do just that. The truth is most people would rather spend money with someone they like and trust rather than spend money with someone they don’t know.
* 7. Keeps your web site fresh in the visitor’s minds. This technique of “reminding” someone about your site is important; it really helps to keep a constant flow of traffic returning to your web site.
* 8. Allows you to measure your marketing success. Most companies find the need to advertise in the yellow pages and other places, in addition to having a company Web Site. You may have found most types of traditional advertising is difficult to measure – did you ever wonder how effective your adverting really is? With email marketing, however, there are specific reports and information available to you that can easily measure your marketing efforts.

Success of e-mail campaigns can be measured using the number of emails sent and seeing the number of emails opened, email bounces, unsubscribes and click throughs.  You can tell who opened your email, which links in your email motivate the most clicks, who forward your e-mail to someone else and hundreds of other reports produced as needed.  All this useful information can be used to send highly targeted campaigns to individuals most likely to respond to your offers.

How can this help you?

With email marketing your business has an opportunity to reach out to customers and prospects, increasing customer retention in ways that were not possible a few short years ago. Whether you do it yourself or use Dundee Internet Services, Inc, www.mailinglistservices.com,  e-mail should be a big part of your customer relationships efforts.

The possibilities are endless

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