Creating a Web Form

If you have a website you can create a sign up subscription form that you can put on your site so anyone interested in receiving your newsletter can sign up.

To begin creating a web form click on Utilities and go to “Web Forms”. We are going to create
a “New Subscribe Form”.

web forms

Once you click on the “New Subscribe Form” you will be taken to a page that you can choose how you would like your subscribe form to work. The “Destination URL” is for sending your subscribers to a different page you have created like a thank you page.

new subscribe form

For your web form you can create a simple subscribe form or click on the “Demographics” button to select additional fields to add to your form like a “Birthday, Business Name or website address.

This can be useful at a later date if you like to send out a special newsletter to your subscribers. For example a birthday wish for your subscribers who have a birthday in May.

Once you have finished filling in all your info you then click on “Get HTML”

get html

Clicking on “Get HTML” will give you the code to copy and paste onto your website