Using the HTML Editor in your Lyris ListManager™

Creating simple newsletters is easy using the HTML Editor in your Lyris ListManager.™ Below are some screen shots showing you what the icons do and how they work.

Change Font Colors:

To change the font colors, type your text and then highlight it and click on the icon below with a capital T and color boxes. You will get a menu allowing you to select your color.

change text color button

Select Background Color:

If you would like to have a background color in your email newsletter click on the small icon of the “Paint Can” Below I have selected a “Teal” color. (Note: the color will not show until you create a table.)

change text background color button

Insert a Table:

Click on the “box” icon. This is for inserting a table into your newsletter.

add table button

Once you click on the icon for inserting a table, you get a new window that will allow you to set the table properties The width of the table should not be longer than 600 pixels so it can be viewed in most email clients. You can then set it for as many rows and columns as you would like and how you would like it to align.

table properties screen

Adjusting Table Cell Properties:

If for some reason there is no color in your table after selecting a color for your table you can adjust the “Cell Properties”. The cell is the inside of the table.

view of an added table

Click inside the table cell and then right click your mouse button. You will get a menu. Click on “Cell” and go to “Cell Properties”.

cell properties link


You will get a new window. On the right you can select a background color by clicking
on the “Choose” button

change table background color

When the color box comes up choose the color you would like for your background and click OK.

color table


You will be taken back to the “Cell Properties” box. Click OK again. You may also set a
“Width & Height” for your table cell.

table length and width settings


Your table cell will now have a background color(s).

view of table with background color added

Insert Image:

To insert an image into your newsletter content click on the “insert image” icon.
This will open a new window.

add an image button

Click on the “Browse Server” button.

browse server for image button


Your image library will open. Find the image you would like to use and click on the image.

select image

You will be taken back to your image properties box. Now click OK.

ok button

Source Code:

If you are familiar with HTML you can view and edit your HTML source code by clicking on this icon

source button


Maximize Your Editor:

Clicking on this icon will maximize your HTML editor into a larger work space.

maximize screen button


To format any text content like a page “Heading” click on the “Format” box in the HTML editor.

format drop down menu

You can also set your font style by clicking on the “Font” box.

font drop down menu

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