Using the Calendar in Lyris ™

The “Calendar” available in Lyris ListManager™ gives you an at-a-glance view of information about all your mailings.

To access the “Calendar” click on the calendar button in the navigation menu.


Below is what the calendar interface looks like.

calendar sections

1. Navigate the calendar: Click the arrows to move to the next or previous month, week, or day.

2. Switch between views: Click to switch between month, week or day view. By default, the calendar opens in the month view.

3. Help for calendar: Clicking on the ? will take you to the Lyris™ help section for the calendar.

4. Unscheduled Mailings: This shows a list of all your unscheduled mailings.

5. Events and Mailings: Any mailings that are scheduled or already sent will be displayed on date sent in the calendar.

Create an Event in the Calendar

Open the calendar and click on the date for the event. A new window will open, here you will type in a “Title and Description”. Check if it is an “All Day” event or set a start and end time. “Recurring” will allow you to schedule an event that will recur every set amount of days (i.e. a company meeting every Wednesday at 8am, you would check Recurring to recur every 7 days or till the end date).

add event

Edit a Mailing or Event

To edit a mailing or event, go to the event in the calendar. Below shows a “Coupon Day” event.

event on calendar

Click on the name of the event and a new window will open allowing you to edit that event.

edit event

To Schedule or Reschedule a Mailing

Drag the mailing from the Unscheduled Mailing area to the day you want it scheduled, a new window will open up for you to choose a time. If you wish to reschedule a mailing just click on the mailing and drag it to a new date.


Delete an Event or Scheduled Mailing

Click on the event name in the calendar and when the “Edit Event” window opens click the delete button. The event will be deleted. To delete a “Scheduled Mailing” click the mailing listed in the calendar, this will open the window for Mailings: Edit Scheduled Mailing, at the bottom on the lower left you can click “Delete Now”.


Mailing Overview

To view the success and failure rate of a mailing click on a mailing that has been sent in your calendar. The mailing overview report for that mailing will open.


Overall the calendar in Lyris ListManager™ makes it very easy for you to schedule mailings or create an event mailing.