Using Mail Merge Tags

Mail merge tags allow you to insert information directly into your email messages. You can use the “Mail Merge” option in your ListManager™ editor or hand type the tags into your content.

HTML Editor

In the HTML Editor click on the drop down menu button for “Merge Tag”, and then select the tag you would like to use.

merge tag drop down menu

For example if you selected “Member Full Name” the mail merge tag would look like this %%merge members_FullName_%%. Any place this tag is used your members name would be displayed.

html message tab mail tag short code


Commonly Used Mail Merge tags are called “Short Tags”

%%emailaddr%% – The recipient’s email address
%%email.owner%% – The email address for sending messages to the owner of this mailing list
%%email.unsub%% – Unsubscribe link allows member to unsubscribe
%%firstname%% – Will insert the recipient’s first name – Will insert the name of the list.

Using the Insert Field button

Clicking on the “Insert Field” button allows you to insert mail merge tags.

insert field button


In the window for “Insert Field” click on the drop down for “Email addresses to choose the mail merge tag you would like to display.

insert field email address drop down menu

The “Recipient field” allows you to select a recipient mail merge tag.

insert field recipient fields drop-down

The easiest way to personalize your mailing list messages is to use Mail Merge Tags.

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