Email Commands

List administrators and subscribers can use email commands to change member settings, member information, subscribe and unsubscribe from any list they have joined.

Email commands allows members and administrators to interact with ListManager™ by sending email commands to the server. Many commands may be included in one message is generally used by list administrator but may also be used by members who wish to edit their settings.

Subscribing or Unsubscribing

To subscribe to a list, send an email with no message to ListManager™. ListManager™ will automatically determine when receiving the email, that the person wants to subscribe to a list. If you like to unsubscribe use “unsubscribe” instead of “subscribe”.

message email

If the list you are subscribing to requires a conformation you will receive and email for ListManager™ with links and instructions for confirming your subscription.

confirmation needed

Once you have clicked on the confirm link in the email you will be taken to a screen showing that your membership has been confirmed. If the list administrator has setup a special confirmation page you may also be directed to that page.

membership confirmed

Changing Your List Settings

If you are on an active list and would like to receive one daily digest email with a list of all the emails for the day you can send an email command to ListManager™ to update your list settings.ListManager™ will send an email back letting you know your subscription setting has been changed.


Posting to a List or Segment

Subscribers may also post a message to ListManager™ by email. Just create your email using your email client with the message you would like to send and then send it to the list. To post to a list the following example format would be used ““. To post to a segment the following example would be used  “” The word “events” would be an example segment name.

mailing into list