Using Demographics

Member demographics allow you to add and store info on your list members. This info can then be used to better organize your mailings. To view the demographics for a member in Lyris ListManager go to “Member-View Members.”

view members

To view or edit a members “Demographics” click on their email when on the “View Members” screen.

view members screen

On the “Edit Member” tab click on the “Demographics” tab.

demographics tab

On the “Demographics” tab under the Edit Member” tab you can enter any information you have collected for this member.

Edit member

If you like to update all your members with Demographics info you have collecyed you can do this by creating a CSV file and adding the info to different columns. To create a CSV file see our tutorial here.

Below are samples of the formats you can use for creating columns for updating the “Demographics” on your members. Each one would be in its own column in the first row of your CSV with the corresponding info below it for each member.

EmailAddr_, First_Name_, Last_Name_, Address_1_, City_, State_Province_, Phone_Home_, Birthday_, Marital_Status_, Interests_, Occupation_, Company_Name_, Company_URL_, Phone_Office_,

Field_1_, Field_2_, Field_3_, Field_4_, Field_5_, Field_6_, Field_7_, Field_8_, Field_9_, Field_10_,

Below is a sample of a CSV file with EmailAddr_, and FullName_, set up in columns.