Creating an Unsubscribe Link

Once your content has been created you need to have, use and publicize easy-to-use unsubscribe instructions. In Lyris ListManager™ there are two different ways you can add an unsubscribe link. The first option is the “Insert Field” button and the second is the “Insert URL” button.

To create an unsubscribe link click on “View Content”.

view content

Find the content you need to add an unsubscribe link too than click on the content name. (Below we selected marketing email that was previously created.)

select content

Your content will open displaying your pre-made newsletter. Make sure your cursor is where you would like to insert the unsubscribe link, then go to the bottom and click on “Insert Field”.

insert field

Once you click on “Insert Field” a new window will open, click on the Unsubscribe tab. In the drop down menu choose “Unsubscribe from this list”.

mail merge field

Once you have chosen the option above you can now click on the “Insert Button.


Your link for “unsubscribe” is now on your email content and ready for your mailing.

unsubscribe link

Once your email newsletter is sent out the above %%email.unsub%% will then turn into
an email unsubscribe link with your list name as shown below in the sample list link.