Triggered Mailings for Success

As an email marketer, how can you increase your bottom line and strengthen customer relationships without costing too much time and money?  Automated email programs like trigger mailings can be the solution that you may be looking for.  Studies show that triggered mailings are responsible for an increase in consumer interest and response (buying), as these automated messages allow you to reach the right customers with the right messages at the right time. .

Demographic triggers and actions, such as an event (i.e. a certain date) or behavior (clicking on a link) can be set to automatically prompt an email response to your customer.  These email responses; after the event is “triggered” by the recipient can contain changeable content or static content, sent to the recipient immediately or over a period of weeks.  Once configured and automated, your email campaigns are executed without effort.

Triggered mailings cater to the immediate interests and needs of your email recipient; as your email responses become more effective because they are timely and more relevant to the receiver.  You can match your knowledge of customer behavior with this triggered based technology, at a low cost and little effort. Dundee Internet Services, Inc has been offering triggered mailing technology for quite sometime and our customers have discovered their triggered mailings complement newsletters and special offers campaigns with significant results.

What to consider for triggered email.

1. Strategic planning is essential; define what will be sent, to whom, how often and when.
2. Set realistic goals for you and your customer.
3. Consider your audience and the timing and relevancy of your mailings.
4. Review your customer demographics for personalized content; verify you have the correct information to set up usable trigged, such as a birthdate.
5. Define behavioral triggers, such as shopping cart abandonment for retail purchases or a PDF download for a service.
6. Create an email flow chart so you can visualize the response path your recipient needs to follow before a trigger is set.
7. Test your trigger email programs to fine tune and eliminate non-responses.
8. Regularly audit your triggered emails for outdated links or information.

Select a vigorous email platform that allows you to configure trigger email using high level personalization so you can craft emails that are individualized and relevant to your recipient.  With a technology rich email system you can include behavioral tracking across numerous fields such as subscriber preference or purchase frequency.  Send with success using triggered mailings.