Triggered Mailing

Using a triggered mailing you can setup a special mailing to go out to your new subscribers on your Lyris ListManager™. For example, you publish a weekly or monthly newsletter, you can setup a “Triggered Mailing” that will automatically send out your latest newsletter to new subscribers on your mailing list.

Step 1:

Click on the Segments button.

segments menu option

Look to the top right and click on “Create New Triggered Segment”

create new triggered segment

Give your Triggered Segment a “Name and Description”. Then click the
“Insert Trigger” button.

insert trigger button

Here you need to select the “Date type”. Choose “exact date and time”. Now select “members_DatedJoined_” in the date field. Then click on “Insert”.

date field

You will be taken back to your “Triggered Segment” showing you the trigger summery. Click on “Save” to save your trigger.

save button

Step 2:

Now we need to setup the triggered mailing. Go to Mailings-Advanced Mailings-Triggered Mailings-New Triggered Mailing Wizard.

new triggered mailing wizard

In the “New Triggered Mailing Wizard” screen give your triggered mailing a name. Select the trigger you created. Here you can choose to Track opens, Detect HTML capability and Track all URLs. Now select the time for 1 hour afterwards and choose your content. Then click OK on the lower right.

new triggered mailings wizard screen

After you click on OK, you will be taken to a screen showing you the trigger
options you selected. Click on “Add”

add button

The next screen will now show that you have added your triggered mailing successfully. Click OK.

triggered mailing success

You now need to configure the “Reschedule” so it will send out beginning the same day.

reschedule button

Click on the “Calendar icon” and this will drop down the calendar. Choose today’s date and set the “Time Trigger” for an hour later than your current time.


After you have selected the current date and set the time, click on “Save”.

edit triggered mailing screen

The next screen will display that you have saved and scheduled. Your triggered mailing will now run on schedule every hour and will send out your content to any new subscribers that join within that hour.

change successful screen

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