Tracking URL's and Opens

The tracking features in Lyris ListManager tells you how many subscribers have opened your message, clicked on a URL, or visited your web site from clicking on link in your mailing.

There are several ways to set tracking.

List Settings

Tracking can be set under “Utilities: List Settings-Basic Information”.

basic information menu option

Under “Basic Information” click on the Enable Features tab. Set the tracking to yes, then click “Save”.

basic information screen


Create Mailing

You can set tracking under previously create content. Go to “Content-View Content”. Open the content that you want to set tracking on.

view content option

In the window for editing your content click on “Create Mailing”. This will open the “New Mailing” window.

edit content essentials screen

In the “New Mailing” window choose “yes” for the first 3 options.

tracking email options

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