Tis the Month before Email

Tis the month before Christmas, and in every house,


@ Christmas Marketing Time

There’s e-buying, e-carding with a click of their mouse.
The email marketers have prepared their holiday mails,
Anticipating click-throughs that translate into sales.

There’s been meetings, planning, and things, no telling,
With the ROI pressure level raised to make this season oh so compelling.
“We need more help and expertise they cried with a tear”,
An email guru from Dundee Internet winst did appear.

The email marketers then seeing the light,
Could expect great things to happen after this night.
Dundee Internet proved by experienced in years,
with the power of Lyris ListManager ™,put their email in high gear.

With segments and triggers for each mailing day,
Proper subject lines and following best email practices, what could you say.
The all-knowing guru assured them telling,
you’re all opted in, not spammers, your sales will be swelling.

With no less than technical magic and a solid email reputation,
The marketers were poised in expectation.
With Dundee’s fast reliable delivery, the emails then came,
Raining in sales and calling out fame.

“Now, Coupons! Now, Announcements! Now, Mobile and Text!
On, opens! On referrals! On, sales and increased ROI, that comes next!

From the top of the list, to the top of the wall!

“Now Mail away! Mail away! Mail away all”!

Sent was the email the mailboxes abound, reports showed opens, sales all around.

With tidings of Christmas and holiday cheer, we wish you good holidays and a great upcoming Marketing year.