The Perfect Engagement: Facebook and Email Marketing

Social media offers the email marketer a way to leverage different communication channels. With email marketing and social media options, subscribers can customize their preferences to receive your company’s information using the format they choose: i.e. a combination of Twitter Alerts with your monthly newsletter. Email marketing with social media will increase interest in your product and /or services because your customers can select the information venue they want and use the most. Additionally social media sites like Facebook (FB) have become an excellent source for organizations to grow their opted-in email list.

Facebook offers hundreds of applications specifically designed to help business owners connect with each Facebook page guest. Facebook visitors who land on your FB business page, depending on the tools you use, can connect with your company by leaving their comments, their opinions and experiences. In turn, you can encourage them to join your mailing list, with coupons, specials and information. Make sure your FB visitors have a form to fill out; collect their email preferences, interests and demographics. Channel that information to the specific email list you may be running based their connection to your business and their preference page. Use segment mailings to send email targeted relevant messages that are of interest to your FB list subscribers.

While Facebook is not an email-marketing platform there are several applications (apps)  designed specifically for businesses to collect information from Facebook visitors. According to Information Week SMB “There are more than 550,000 active applications on the Facebook platform” These apps come in the way of online forms, questionnaires; surveys’ and other societal tools all of which can help build your permission-based email list.

Business apps are normally designed to integrate and improve the social network experience for both your organization and visitors. Combining your targeted email marketing with Facebook technology will engage your Facebook visitors to employ in social sharing which extends the reach of your email content to new markets.

With Facebook you can start by creating a Custom Landing Fan Page,  with your own customer content and seamless branding with Iframe Technology.

A very short list of Facebook custom apps to consider:

• Welcome Tab – Displays most if not all needed content such as such as your business profile, products or services, pictures, events and video. Included, metrics and analytics to measure responses to your Facebook Like Page.

• My Top Fans – Use to analyze the communication between you and your friends, it then calculates which friends share the most with you. Utilize this information in your business promotions; top fan of the month gets a discount.

• My Countdowns- Planning a sale at the end of the month? Collect email from everyone who wants advanced notifications as your app counts down to the sale day.

• Fan Appz – Create engaging polls, promote and run sweepstakes, communicate offers with optional coupons and/or registration forms

• Page Maps – map locator for your business

• Request-form – Update user preferences: creates a form that sends requests to selected users.

• Opt-In app. – Allow Facebook visitors to subscribe to your mailing list and add an email opt-in form.

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Stay tuned for a Dundee Internet email list hosting Facebook page, being designed as you read.

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