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Hi There! 

You’re reading this, and that’s great because the title of this BLOG only used two out of the four key elements for lead generation with email.  They are: 

Number 1: Make an offer.  The more valuable your offer appears to be, the better response you’ll receive. 

Offers can be anything, a podcast, whitepaper, eBook, a demonstration or just as simple as giving them a free entry to an online drawing.

Create an offer that entices the reader to act on it by placing limits on: 

  • The number of recipients eligible to receive it, “The first 50 people”.
  • The duration of the offer, “This week only”
  • The Quantity: “Only 20 seats left for the webinar”
  • Both the time and the quantity: “The first 50 people who respond to this email will receive a 50% discount, while supply lasts”
  • Advertise how many people are attending your webinar, reading your Blog or on your email list.
  • Offering an amazing download? Consider what you title it – stay away from words that are overused, technical or industry jargon

Number 2: The Landing Page, also known as the “Lead Capture Page” is the place where you convert your visitors into leads. Consider researching the components of an effective Landing page to get optimal results.

  • On the landing page your subscriber will perform your Call to Action in response to your offer.
  • Along with your offer, encourage your visitor to share this great deal with their friends.
  • Optimize your landing page with a simple pop-up overlay; shown to increase conversation rates  over 60%

Number 3: The Call to Action also know as “CTA” which can be implied or explicit.

  • CTA’s have common expression which include statements like “Click Here”, “Download Now”, “Join Today” or “Order Now” Place the Call to Action in an area that is immediately viewable by your subscriber.   Better still, place it in a few places, top and middle of your email or webpage.
  • Use contrasting colors so your CTA stands out.
  • Create a specific landing page for your Call to Action that is only relevant to your offer.
  •   When promoting more than one CTA, link each to its own landing page for that offer.

Number 4 The Form.  Place a form on your landing page to collect relevant contact information from your website visitor.

Don’t go crazy and ask for too much information, the less fields someone needs to fill out the more likely they will, which will translate into conversations.

Always take the opportunity to say thank you when your subscriber/visitor completes an action, and don’t forget to promote more great offers.

Can you see how this ties all together?  ALWAYS include a Call to Action, as any solicitation is incomplete and ineffective without one

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