The Email Puzzle

Are you puzzled why Email marketing is still around?

It’s not going away anytime soon because it’s an industry within itself. Think of what it’s produced:

Email Service Providers (ESP) – in-house , onsite, 3rd party
Experts – in everything from deliverability and sender reputation, to content  placement
College certificates and degrees
E- books and white papers
Reference materials
Rules and Regulations
SPAMMERS and SPAM watchdogs and a host of other ancillary industries who offer services from  email appendage to whitelisting.

There are email professionals, consultants, statisticians and guest speakers.  There’s online advertisers using banner ads and sponsorships while spending hundreds of dollars for ad placement with Google and Yahoo. There’s post card mailings and magazine ads and those who spend thousands of dollars on radio and TV commercials.

Entire associations exist because of email marketing, such as MAAWG and The Email Experience Council  offering advice and  expertise.

Then there are companies that offer to rent or sell lists.  You can market your new list yourself with OTC software or hire a professional to manage it for you.   AND there’s established company’ working against that practice

The entire industry for the most part speaks in the new language of email, using words and phrases such as segments, Transactional, Asynchronous Bounce and Domain Key.

Web development has its own part too by integrating web visitor stats with email campaigns, generating detailed reports and graphs that hire experts read and interpret.   And don’t forget about the content writers and graphic designers.

And that’s just scratching the surface: There’s  so much more to add..