The Art of Email Alchemy

Email marketer in a Wizard HatFirst things first, the art of email alchemy starts with the branding.   Branding Is not just a buzzword; it’s the sequined Elvis jumpsuit of your email identity. Consider the iconic Apple Computer; Using an apple as its brand was started by Steve Jobs just because he liked the fruit.  He turned the Apple Computer into the Taylor Swift of the tech world, becoming the world’s most recognizable computer brand.

Follow the Apple lead and establish a strong brand awareness with your customers by incorporating your brand into your email marketing campaigns.

Mind Games

Let’s talk FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)!  People are hardwired to hate missing out on stuff.  Incorporate the FOMO feeling in your email campaigns with a call to action offer that speaks to your list members with a sense of urgency.  Use phrases like “Only 30 days left” that may sound more like a ticking time bomb compared to “You still have 30 days”.  Writing your call- to-action with urgency implies scarcity because we might want the “Limited Edition, Get Yours Now!” while only consider buying the “Edition Still Available for a Limited Time.”

Your email should be like a mirror, reflecting your reader’s deepest desires and fears. No, we’re not talking about a Black Mirror episode; we’re talking about crafting copy that speaks to THEM. After all, the subconscious mind is the real master of decision-making.

Don’t Lose the Car Keys

In email marketing, burying the lead is a nike hat surefire way to lose your audience’s attention. Just as Nike’s “Just Do It”  campaign captured attention with its immediate, impactful message, your emails should do the same. If you have a crucial point or call-to-action, don’t tuck it away at the end of your email; make it front and center.  BECAUSE if the reader skims over your message, they won’t miss the essential information. Use social proof to bolster your message, just like Nike’s universally relatable slogan did for them.

Your subject line, heading, and introductory text should all echo the key message, so that it’s the first thing your audience reads and remembers. Don’t let your email’s most important content get lost in the shuffle; make it as immediate and memorable as “Just Do It.”

And like a key message, let’s not forget the power of color. It’s not just for kindergarteners; it’s psychology. Choose colors  that not only make your email pop but are also as readable as a large-print edition of “War and Peace.”

The Picture’s Worth 1000 Clicks

Images aren’t just eye candy; they’re the emotional glue that sticks your message to your reader’s brain. So, choose visuals that evoke emotions, not just stock photos of people awkwardly laughing at salads.

Template or Not to Template?

Look, we get it. You’re a lean, mean, email-sending machine with no time to waste. That’s why email templates are your besties. They’re like meal prep for your inbox—easy, efficient, and effective.

The Right Tools for the Right Subscriber

dundee logo for amp pagesIn the battle for inbox supremacy, your email marketing platform is your Excalibur. Whether you’re a lone ranger or an army of marketers, you need a tool that’s as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. Check out our other blog topics, or just hit us up.   We’re like the Gandalf of email marketing; we’ll guide you through Middle Earth and beyond.