The 3 Keys to keep your Newsletter on Track for Success for your Entire Organization

The bigger the organization the greater the need to create a consistent email marketing plan.  Consider a marketing strategy that maintains credibility and audience interest while targeting different groups and people from different factions of the same entity.  It’s easy with an ESP like Dundee Internet “mailing-list” Services Inc. for individual list management and maintenance under one corporate umbrella.

  1. Keep the same voice for all newsletters for all subscribers.  You’ll find by being consistent with overall marketing strategies you will maintain credibility with your audience across the board.Selling hats? Individual departments that need to create individual newsletters should come from the same entity.  i.e.  ballcap list from .thehatcompany and tophat list from thehatcompany instead of theballcap list from ballcapdepartement or the tophat list from the tophatlist.
  2. Keep the audience interested.  Keep your Organization organized and eliminate multiple emails sent to the same person sent on the same day  with different “From Addresses”.
  3. Create a friendly environment for your web visitors to subscribe to your various departmental  newsletters all in one place..  Save money and time using advanced email tools, accessible to all your departments on an individual basis.

What can I say about Dundee Internet E-Mail List hosting: “We use Lyris to send emails and announcements to our list.  Getting started was easy with support from [Dundee]  Besides being available and helpful for answering questions, [Dundee} also gave suggestions and assistance in designing our pages.  Lyris is easy to use, and after the fist few mailings, sending out emails was simple and efficient.  I know we haven’t touched many of the options available, but we are looking forward to learning about them and incorporating them into our mailings.”    Director of the RRP.