Adding Test Members in Lyris ListManager™

To send out test mailings you need to add some members.

Add a single member

To add a single member click on the “Members” tab. It will expand showing you your options. Click on add members -add member.

add members menu

Under the “Basics” tab type in an email address and the member’s name.

add member screen

List Admin Tab:

If you would like to make this member a list admin you can do so by clicking on the “List Admin” tab. Here you can assign the options for this admin.

add member list admin tab

Settings Tab:

Here you can assign membership status, password and length of membership.

add members settings tab

Advance Setting:

Under this tab you can set additional setting for this member. If the member has an email that bounces on your list you can have the list put this member on hold. You may also add additional comments regarding this member.

add members advance setting tabs

Information Tab:

Under the information tab it will display your list name and the date the member joined.

add members info tab

Demographics Tab:

The demographics tab is for collecting information on your members. This will be helpful
when you need to create a single or segment of emails. For example at a later date you would like to send a birthday greeting to your members who have a birthday in May you could create a special mailing based on the birthday info you have for their birthday.

add member demographics