Suppression Lists made Easy

By definition, a suppression list is a list of unsubscribed email addresses, who have specified that they do not want any communication from you.  Therefore, when you email to your list, the list of addresses you’re sending to is checked against the suppression list before your message is sent to prevent those opted-out addresses from receiving the message you are going to send.

Normally a suppression list:

  • is an accumulation of unsubscribed email addresses
  • can increase your sending reputation and delivery rates
  • is required by the CAN-SPAM Act
  • collects emails that bounce, are invalid or blocked
  • grabs messages that have been marked as SPAM

However, a group of unsubscribed addresses and a suppression list are not one in the same.  But you can not have one without the other.  The list of unsubscribes are formed by former subscribers, who opted-out of your list.  Most likely by selecting the unsubscribe link in your email messages.   In conjunction with the unsubscribe list, the suppression list is used to stop messages reaching those unsubscribed recipients.

But you can create additional suppression lists, create segments and use a re-engagement campaign with list members who NEVER:

  • opened any of your email messages in the last 12 months, in the last 6 months or even in the last 90 days. 
  • visited your website

And in addition a suppression list of email addresses who:

  • are not a qualified lead for your product
  • fall into different phases of your marketing lifecycle, use to suppress those that shouldn’t be receiving content.
  • only like one of your products and opted-out of all company news except for that one product.  

Dundee Email, mailinglistserivces, allows the email marketer to not only uses the suppression list to avoid sending unwanted emails, the marketer can suppress or exclude a list of email addresses from receiving a particular mailing.  And in some cases create a re-engagement campaign. 

You do not want to delete addresses from your suppression list as any users you delete may hypothetically be sent emails in the future. This can damage your sending reputation.   If you need more information on sender reputation or anything else email marketing give us a call. 888-222-8485.