Subject Line Science in 6 Easy Steps

Subject Line Science.   Your subject line should be:

  1. Composed with a goal in mind.
  2. Sent from the same “From Address” with a consistent theme.
  3. Personalized and directed to each individual reader
  4. Written to tell the reader something significant, valuable or timely.
  5. Designed without misleading exaggerations or promises.
  6. Planned with the competition in mind to set your email apart from the other newsletters and the junk email.

“[Dundee] consistently provide amazing support and terrific service – and a very reasonable cost.  They’re also very flexible; our needs are always accommodated, even when what we need is a little outside the mainstream.  We view them not as “vendors” but as friends and a key part of our team.”  Jeff Alperin, CEO, cc: Clients, LLC