Stay Home, Stay Safe

The Key to Success is to Stay Connected with Your Customers

Have you thought about the best way to Jump Start your Business when things finally get back to normal?  Will your customers return, or have they found new avenues to shop and get services?

Dundee Internet Offers:

Schedule Emails to subscribers with updates on your business hours, polices, and community outreach during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Keep in contact with friends, family, co-workers and more with an Email Discussion Group.


Use this time to re-engage customers with new blogs, products, podcasts, sales and more.


Keep your business booming with online sales, by sending email coupons to your subscribers.

Email is a great way for Non-Profits to gather monetary donations for community outreach.

Gain insight by asking your subscribers how you can improve their experience with a short survey

Let them know you care.

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