Social Networking – Real Opportunities

Social Networking in its simplest terms is a group of people with common interests coming together online to discuss and share their ideas and thoughts. Social Networking is part of the Web 2.0 movement which facilitates collaboration on the World Wide Web with hosted services, web applications, video sharing, blogs, folksonomy and marshups. A Web 2.0 site such as Facebook, allows interaction between its members; they can change and add content to the website, blog about issues and share videos and pictures with other members of the same Social Network.

Social Networking is versatile, available world wide, open 24/7 with open membership. Just as there are no time zone restrictions, there are no special tests, or requirements to be a member of the Social Network movement. Communication within a Social Network is easy and because of the ease of use, groups and even some members develop a following of their own, regardless of location, State or Country. Businesses who harness the versatility of Social Networking by creating their own Social Network identity are definitely one step ahead of the competition.

Current marketing strategies for a typical on line business, in addition to their own company web site, may now include Social Network pages on different Social Network communities. These pages may be developed for specific purposes such as generating feedback on user experience to strengthen brand loyalty within a member group. Social Networks can and do increase your company exposure in the marketplace, and should be considered as an additional marketing tool along with your email marketing campaigns.

Aside from a company Social Network page, your customers and prospects most likely have their own Social Network channels where they read and blog their opinions and suggestions to others in their interest groups – ideally wouldn’t it be great if they were sharing positive comments about your products and services? You can take advantage of the power of Social Network media by integrating Social Network Links into your email marketing campaigns. By leveraging these two powerful channels, email marketing and Social Networks, you can create a cohesive bond between your marketing communications for both your list recipients and future list subscribers.

Social Network Links integrated in your email campaigns can simply allow your list recipients to share your newsletters and brand with their friends and social network contacts, which in turn can be shared again. With the right set of email tools, these Social Network links can identify new prospects and markets with click-though tracking, allowing you to discover what offers and brands motivated your email recipients to share this information with their Social Network associations.

Using the duality of Social Networking and email lists you can discover and reinforce new markets that you may not have identified in the past. With Dundee Internet Services, and the power of ListMangerTM , realize new market opportunities, increase sales potential and your bottom line. New opportunities in turn allow you to re-market your goods and services to a new group of prospects and grow your existing list of newsletter subscribers, reinforcing brand loyalty among your readers.