How To Insert Social Media Icons

In Lyris ListManager™ you can include one or more links to a social network site in your email. If a recipient receives your email and wishes to share it with their network (for example, their “friends” on Facebook), they can click the appropriate link, go to the site, and share the email.

To use the social media icons, log into ListManager™ and go to “Content-New Content”.

new content

Create your content for your current mailing using the HTML Editor under the “HTML Message” tab.

create new content

To add social media icons to your mailing click on “Insert URL”.

insert url

On the screen for “Content : Insert URL” click on the “Social Web” tab. Write a description, select the icons you would like to use then on the lower right click on “Insert”.

social web tab

After you click on “Insert” you will be taken back to your content. The social media icons you selected along with your description will be displayed in your mailing.