Sequential Mailings

Sequential mailings are a series of triggered mailings sent out in sequence to each
subscriber based on the action performed by that subscriber.

To setup sequential mailings you first need to create the content that will be used for the sequential mailing. Click on “Content-New Content”, you will be taken to the “Create New Content” window. Fill in the “Essentials” tab, then click on the “HTML Message” tab.

create new content screen

In the “HTML Message” tab you will create and save your content for your sequential mailing.

edit content screen

In the navigation menu on the right click on “Segments” then click on “Create New Triggered Segment”.

create new triggered segment button


In the “New Triggered Segment” window assign your segment a name. Preferable it is best to name it based on the content created. Give it a “Description” than click on the “Insert Trigger”.

new triggered segment screen and fields

In the “Insert Trigger” window choose a date and time, then select a date field. The date field will be based on the action performed by your subscriber. As an example we have chosen “DateJoined”. Then click on the “insert” button.

date drop down fields

After clicking on the “Insert” button you will be taken back to the window for “New Trigger Segment”. In the “Query” box you will see your trigger string that tells Lyris when to send the segment. Click on “Save”.

save button


After you click on “Save” you will be take back to the “Segments” window. You should then see the
“New Trigger Segment” you created.

list of all available segments


Now we are ready to setup our sequential mailing. In the navigation menu click on “Mailings than click Advanced Mailings”. Go to “Sequential Mailings then New Sequential Mailing Wizard”.

new sequential mailing wizard menu option


In the window for the “New Sequential Mailing wizard” give the mailing a name. Again for easy reference, assign it the same name as the “New Content” you created. In the drop down box for “Trigger” choose the trigger you created. Now you need to select a date to send. Below we have chosen “1 day afterwards” and for the “Welcome” letter to be sent.

This means that when you have a new subscriber join your list, they will receive your welcome letter 1 day after they have joined.

mailing wizard screen shot


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