Sending a Mailing Segment

As your subscriber list grows in your Lyris ListManager™ a need may arise to send an email to a specific group of subscribers. Lyris™ refers to this as “Mailing Segment”.

Log into your account and go to “Content-View Content”.

You can either create new content or use content previously created. You can see below the content is ready to send a mailing segment. Click on “Create Mailing” to continue to the next screen..

html editor

At this time your segments should be created, if not we have a tutorial for creating a New Segment. In the next window you need to click on the “Recipients” tab. On the line for “Segments” clink on “Choose Segments” this will take you to another screen that allows you to choose a segment.

choose segments

After you have clicked “Choose Segments” the next screen will show you your segments. By default it will display in the “Chosen Segment” box all of your list with your list name. You will want to remove that one by highlighting it and clicking on the bottom arrow button to move this segment out of the box.

add/remove button

Now to add the segment you will want to send. Scroll through the available segments, click on the desired segment you want to use, this will highlight it. Now click the top arrow button (>>) this will move your choice to the “Chosen Segment” box.

available segments

You have your segment in the “Chosen Segment” box, you can now click ok

The new screen will take you to the “New Mailing” page showing that you have one segment ready for sending. You can now do a “Save and Test” for mailing your segment.

save and test

Now that you have done your test you will be taken back to the “Need Approval” screen. Once you receive your test mailing and everything is OK, you can click on “Send in the need approval screen.