Sender Reputation

Sender Reputation Can Be Complex

A sender reputation can be complex. It seems that list owners and email marketers have the added components of who they are (i.e. A well know Brand of Hot Dogs), what they are known for (i.e. Great tasting all Beef Hot Dogs) coupled with their mail delivery reputation. (Are they spammers?)

Even if they know who you are, and like your product or service, as an email marketer and list owner, should you care about your sender reputation? Yes, you should, because others (ISPs) will judge you by it and may block your email based on your reputation. A bad senders reputation can derail any email campaign as quickly as the email goes out, leaving a trail of blacklisted IPs and domains, with days or weeks (or sometimes never) reputation cleanup.

Can you manage your Sender Reputation?

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Take our 10-question challenge and find out if you know the fast track to a bad sender’s reputation?   

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