Good or bad email, all email marketing strategy seems effective, and its so successful.  in fact, its become a science of moving parts and processes with charts and graphs with detail analysis.

Looking to get the best from an email Marketing Strategy, with your good email lists, here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Get more email subscribers: collect those names on your websites
    with signup forms, use contests and  giveaways, ask for referrals, use social media and offer incentives to join your list
  2. Categorize your list members: new members, prospects, loyal members, recent purchasers to those who never read your email campaigns.  Try to dig deeper so you discover which emails read,  shared or saved, and which emails lead to a purchase
  3. Create a variety of emails for the occasion:
    • Use promotional emails for specials, add-on sales, or coupons
    • Send newsletters to list members who show an interest in the information you offer, include links to your blog, white papers, interesting facts and problem-solving solutions
    • Set up transactional emails to send  Thank You for Your Purchase note, confirm an order, send a receipt, instructions or technical support ticket acknowledgements.  Add another offer that complements their recent purchase or interest
    • Email announcements for upcoming events or online specials.  Promote your blogs and social media page
    • Automatically follow up with customers who never made it to check out. (abandoned shopping cart syndrome) Use this opportunity to remind them their items await and consider including a discount on their next purchase after they complete the sale
    • Follow up with an emailed survey and use this to gather information on your customer’s buying experiences and suggestions
    • Offer an incentive for each referral they send your way then email a thank you for the referral
    • Responsive emails with tracking numbers for delivery
    • Then there’s shipping information and updates, reminders, payment requests and so much more
    • And finally unsubscribe confirmations
  4. Look at the big picture.   You need a plan as not all customers are equal.  The variety of emails you create will not be useful for your entire list or list segments.  Some of these emails will be a one-time occurrence, such as an unsubscribe confirmation. Other emails will be part of a series of emails that may lead a customer to a purchase, such as an announcement of a sale followed with an emailed coupon and a day before the sale reminder
  5. Select your vendor. Dundee Internet is a powerful, all encompassing list hosting provider. Everything you need for a successful email Marketing Strategy is at your fingertips.   From Tracking Shopping Cart Abandonment, Drip Campaigns, Segments without limits, surveys, trigger and transactional emails are all inclusive.  It simplifies the email marketing process; we include analysis tools to keep you on track with the information you need.

A series of emails, triggered by customer action, are also know as Drip Campaigns  that normally take advantage of the auto-responder tool included in ListManager.

Planning takes some time.  Be consistent in your Marketing Strategy including the content.

The content of each email piece important, so is the tone of the message, the style, and the branding

Review your success which each mailing.  Track your opens and referrals, look at the  best response rates given the different Subject line and other features you tested.

Your email marketing strategy is a defined process you’ll follow to leverage email for business growth. It’s how you’ll measure responses as well as test and analyze results.

Real Life Examples for Marketing Strategy

Lisa’s Glass


The local glass shop, run by Lisa, sells glass beads, marbles and ashtrays.  She also runs a glass blowing school.   Lisa’s target audience includes young business people from 25-40.

Her newsletter, sent to her subscribers once a month, includes local Art Shows, and interesting facts about glass art.   Her announcement list sent biweekly includes links to her online catalog, class sign up and special events.

When someone signs up for a class, their email is moved to another segment for current class members.   Each new sign-up receives an emailed confirmation and receipt for payment.  Each member continues to receive the monthly newsletter and announcements but now they automatically receive information about their upcoming class; including the syllabus and class calendar, plus any other information Lisa may decide to send during the semester.

Mary’s Bakery

Mary’s  Bakery is getting ready for Fall, because she is involved with the local pumpkin weigh off.  Mary’s plan is to make a big push early October to sell pumpkin pies and cookies until the event day Oct 31, when she will be selling slices of pie to the event attendees.

Mary made a video, to show how a pumpkin pie is made from scratch, using real pumpkin.  She has a list of email subscribers who signed up to her announcement list for monthly specials.  That plan is to promote the pumpkin event to her list subscribers starting with her video, followed by a weekly pumpkin tidbit and a one time-limited coupon code to motivate pie purchases.

Buyers who click on the coupon are moved to a new list segment that receives updates on special pies and goodies that are available on a limited basis. Also one of these weekly emails includes a survey that asks the list subscriber which type of baked good they buy the most. Subscribers who answer the survey are then segmented into new lists according to their preferred baked item and that list is used when those specialties are ready for purchase.

Ring this up

A local jewelry store is looking for new clients. The company creates a downloadable PDF white paper filled with jewelry cleaning tips. They promote this on their Facebook page, which has a big local following.

The jewelry store does have a regular quarterly newsletter that includes photos of jewelry settings they have done, interesting facts such as what goes into an appraisal, to the how to spot a real diamond from a fake diamond.  Each newsletter includes customer testimonials to promote their custom service. Each newsletter features a gemstone ring. limited time-offer for referrals.

List members who refer someone are segmented into a referral list which is used to encourage more referrals. These customers receive a free annual ring cleaning plus a discount to the referred customers.


These few examples of email list marketing is just a drop in the bucket compared to the many thousands of uses email marketing has.

Looking to grow your business or nonprofit with email marketing.  Give us a call 888-222-8485 or email to discuss the many options before you.

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