Reports Dashboard

Lyris ListManager™ offers extensive reporting on your mailings and membership.

There are several categories of pre-built reports:

To view reports for your mailing log into your Lyris ListManager™ admin and in the navigation menu on the left click on the “Reports” tab. The menu will expand showing you the different reports you can view.

report dashboard

Deliverability Dashboard:

The Deliverability Dashboard displays 5 sections. Each one contains information or graphs with links to view additional details. The different sections are “Complaints by Domain, MailStream Volume, Sending Backlog, Top Domain Status and MailStream Blockage”

deliverability dashboard

Mailing Overview:

In the “Mailing Overview” window you select a recent or past mailing. Once you select a mailing  you can then view the success and failure rates of each individual mailings.

mailing overview

Delivery Statistics:

In the “Delivery Statistics” your mailing is sorted into columns of “Mailing Name, Attempted, Completed, Success, Complaint”. Each column has clickable links so you can view the details,


delivery stats

Report Dashboard:

Give summary statistics of delivered mailings, opens, subscribes along with additional reports in a graphic display view.

report dashboard