Removing Banned Member

If a subscriber complains or accidently clicks your email as SPAM in their email client, this triggers a complaint sent to Lyris ListManager™. When this occurs, the subscribers email that triggered the complaint will be banned and no longer receive your mailings.

If a subscriber notifies you that they are no longer getting your mailings or received a notice about being banned you can remove the ban in your Lyris ListManager™.

Log into your account, and then go to “Members-Ban Addresses”.

ban addresses

In the window for ban addresses you will see a list of emails that have been rejected, if the email that you need to remove the ban from is listed all you need to do is click on “Delete”.

ban addresses delete

If you do not see the email or there is a long list of emails, then you can do a search. Click on “Find Ban”.

find ban

In the find ban window type the user name (example:, johndoe would be the user name). For the domain box enter the last part of the email ( Then click on “Go”. Lyris ListManager™ will do a search and display the email, then just click on “Delete”.

find banned addresses

Once the ban has been deleted you can then go to the member section, find the members email address and then reset the member back to a normal member.