Reduce Costs with Reduced Bounce Rates

Dundee Internet offers email list hosting.  Most of our customers are pretty savvy when it comes to email marketing.  We find when someone switches their ESP (Email Service Provider) to us, they typically see a reduced bounce rate; as we help customers identify and correct any mailing issues.  Bounced email seems to be among the many reasons for their change.   For example, one customer told us:

“I was sending emails once a week to a list of 97,000 members I had acquired through hard work and diligence. Everyone on the list is opted in.  Every new member receives a welcome letter series. They also have a place to go on my website to change their email address, interests and, yes, they can even suspend their account when needed.  It was going great until recently when a lot of emails were returned.

The returned emails or bounces have a code, supposedly indicating a specific reason why my mail is not sending.  I have these codes from the report my ESP provides.  They told me to use the codes to figure why my email is bouncing.  I’m completely puzzled with these error codes, I thought I’d try you guys out”

ball bouncing to reduce bounce email

We agree email error codes can be baffling. Understanding and correcting the problem will result in reduce bounced rates. 

Our recommendations to some customers may include:

  • Clean the list. Remove all incorrect formatted addresses, and in this customer’s case, he should consider using list hygiene service.
  • Add a customer profile form, for member updates, such as a new email address, along with demographic information you can use for email segments.  Add this link to emails that a customer will receive when they complete an online transaction.
  • Confirm email addresses. Our customer told us all his list subscribers were opted in.  He needs to continue to send an auto-reply confirmation, when a user registers on their website, for example, to make a purchase. Additionally, he may consider requiring a second email address confirmation line (on the online forms) that verifies the subscriber entered their correct email.
  • Use postal mail or just call them (if you have this information) to update their records.
  • Test your emails before you send an and all email campaigns.
  • Delete role account address, like info@, abuse@, or contact@
  • Monitor delivery rates by domain: The ESP report will show open rates and bounce rates by domain.  This information allows you or “us” to work with the receiving domain to resolve these bounces.
  • We monitor blacklists; however, the customer can also check major spam databases and blacklists to ensure his IP is has not been added.
  • Let our bounce processes work. as we automatically handle soft bounces and hard bounces to make your online email life easier.

Error metaphor to reduce bounce emails

And we will help you with the error codes to reduce bounce rates.  In the meantime,  here is some help with those   and Email Delivery Codes