Quick Tips For This Month Only; The First 50 People Reading This Email Marketing Blog Will Learn The Four Key Elements For Incoming Lead Generation.

Got your attention!

You’re reading this!   That’s great considering I only used two of

key to success

Key Elements

the four key elements in my title.

Imagine the response I would get if I used all four key elements for incoming lead generation!

Imagine the response you would get by using all four key elements, which by the way are:

Number 1 – The Offer; everyone likes an offer and the more valuable the offer the better the response.   Offers come in many forms, eBooks, coupons, demonstrations to free consultations and online webinars.

The best way to create seductive offers:

  1. Make your offer scarce – something that is available to a selective few
  2. Limit the time (this week only)
  3. Limit the Quantity (only 20 seats left for the webinar)
  4. Limit the time and the Quantity (the first 50 people who respond to this email will receive a 50% discount, while supply lasts)
  5. There is strength in numbers:  advertise how many people are participating in your webinar, your blog, your conference or your email list (10 million subscribers can’t be wrong)

Have an amazing download offer?  Be wary of what you title it.  With a little A/B testing you might discover that people really do judge a book by its cover.   Which white paper title would you find more appealing:  “7 totally got to have it now email marketing tips” or “Email Productivity”?

And just like the whitepaper title, you may find less response to your marketing emails when you use words such as scalable, next generation and ground breaking; familiar over used meaningless terms and phrases.

Number  2 – The Call to Action or the CTA can be implied or explicit.  Call to Actions have common expressions which  include action words such as  “Click here”,  “Download Now” , “join today” or “Order”  Place your Call to Action in an area that is immediately viewable by your subscriber; Better yet, put your CTA in two places, top and middle of your email or webpage.

  1. Create a little color contrast to highlight your CTA
  2.  Connect your Call to Action to a specific landing page that is relevant to your offer
  3. Promoting more than one CTA in your newsletter, link each to its own specifically designed landing page

Number 3 – The Landing Page the webpage where your subscriber will land after they perform your Call to Action. Such as clicking on the “Join Here” link.

  1. Along with your offer, encourage your visitor to share this great deal with their friends
  2. Your landing page, also known as the “Lead Capture Page” is the place where you convert your visitors into leads.  Consider researching the components of an effective Landing page to get optimal results

Number 4 – The Form

In exchange for your offer, typically on your landing page, use a form to collect relevant contact information from your website visitor.

  1. They filled out the form, you collected their contact information
  2. Don’t go nuts and ask for tons of information: the less fields someone has to fill in the more likely you will glean more conversions
  3. Don’t forget to say Thank you, and of course take that opportunity to promote more great offers

Can you see how this all ties together?    ALWAYS include a Call to Action, as any solicitation is incomplete and ineffective without one.

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