Quick Tips for Email Marketers, Land Here To Learn More

Theoretically, in-coming campaigns, promotions and marketing emails are all about getting the right content in the right place and the right time.   If successful, you will have managed to create a positive avenue for your marketing activities and people will love to hear from you.

To Keep the love, avoid sending emails that are non-relevant, boring or annoying (what you again!).  trying to do everything

Promote yourself as the solution to their problem by highlighting, emphasizing, and presenting the benefits of your service.   One way to do this is by using a landing page that is:

  1. Designed specifically for the one offer you are promoting.  Resist adding more deals to your landing page.  Keep the landing page simple because you want your visitor to do that one thing you want them to do: whether it is filling out a form, or buying a cookie.
  2. Inviting with compelling content that attracts attention with the benefits you emphasize.   The right message will  prompt your visitor to perform your call to action, whether it’s  to click here to download a white paper or fill out an order form for a free estimate.
  3. Brief and to the point; keep your call to action above the fold.  (“The portion of the page that requires scrolling in order to see content is called “below the fold.”)   Compelling copy with a good call for action will get that sale, fill that webinar seat or collect more demographic information on your email customer.

The bottom line, a landing page can make or break your well planned out, executed, campaigns, promotions and marketing emails ..  Why spend all that time and energy on email marketing only to fall short by failing to deliver a landing page that begs to be read and used, designed to work with your campaign with a strong call to action message and useful relevant content for all your list subscribers.

Just to let you know, we are extremely pleased with the promptness and level of support offered by your services.  Our organization is very grateful to have found such a quality list serve host.”
Dan, Texas A&M University