What features will your email list require? Some features to consider may be found on our convenient comparison chart.





No Contracts

No Commitments

Up to 500 members

No Email Message Limit, Message size Limited to 30K. New Customers only. Credit Card required for services.

Non-Profit with attachments



Unlimited List Members

The First 10,600 messages are free

Attachment of any kind

Additional Messages over 10,600 is only $0.80 per 1,000 messages: a cost of $0.00080 per message




Unlimited List Members

Unlimited Monthly Messages

First 56,250 Messages are Free**

Sending More? Additional Messages over 56,250 is $0.80 per 1,000 emails.




Unlimited List Members

Unlimited Monthly Messages

First 72,115 Messages are Free***

Sending More? Additional Messages over 72,115 is $1.04 per 1,000 emails.




Unlimited List Members

Unlimited Monthly Messages

First 144,230 Messages Free****

Sending More? Additional Messages over 144,230 is $1.04 per 1,000 emails.

Sending over 1,000,000 emails?  Over 5,000,000, over 10,000,000 emails? 
contact for information.  

Non - Profit/Personal

Dundee email “Personal List Services” for nonprofit and personal discussion lists; driven by the full power and professional features of Lyris ListManager™ to let you manage your subscribers, digests, index options and searchable archives in a friendly full featured, fast, and reliable web interface designed for both administrators and users.

Virtual List Hosting and Reseller Pricing

Run your mailing lists virtually, with no visible connection to Dundee Internet Services. It will appear to everyone that you have your own dedicated Lyris ListManager™ server!

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Optional Services

One-On-One Service: $75.00 hourly rate

Vanity or Virtual Domain Name: This feature allows a user to have the address read from the destination of their choice. For example: or Additional fees may apply.

Monthly Recurring Charges: Covers subscribes, unsubscribes, hello messages, surveys, and other administrative messages plus archives, search engines, refer-a-friend, URL and open tracking, if applicable. Also includes a number of message units based on your selected Service Type (Silver, Gold, or Platinum).

Monthly Message Fees: The monthly message volume fee is actual message units sent over the message units that may be included with your selected Service Type. These prices are based on a message unit size of 40k. If you are planning to send messages larger than 40k these prices do not apply. Messages larger than 40k are calculated in increments of 1k, i.e., we do not round up to the next 40k level. You are only charged for the exact size of your messages (that are larger than your included message unit size, if applicable) that are processed for distribution to your mailing list. For example, if you sent a message that is 50k in size, you would be charged 1.25 message units.

**additional message units over 56,250 are billed at $0.80/1000, which is only $0.0008 per email
*** additional messages over 72,115 are billed at $1.04/1000 which is only $0.00104 per email
**** additional messages over 144,230 are billed at $1.041/1000 which is only $0.00104 per email

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