Creating a Postcard Mailing

Looking to send out a special offer to your Lyris ListManager™ subscribers? How about a postcard newsletter?

There are a few easy steps to send a postcard to your subscribers.

  1. Create a postcard image in your favorite graphics editor or have your web designer create one for you. The size should be no larger than 600×400. Your image also needs to be optimized for the web.

  2. Upload your image to your web host using FTP or ask your web designer to upload it and provide you with the image path. Your image path location needs to include the complete URL to your image.

Now log into your Lyris ListManager™. Once you have logged in click on the “Content” tab on the left and then click on “Image Library”.

image library

Click on the button that says “Include Remote Image” located on the top right. This will open a new window that will allow you to input the image URL path to your image.

include remote image

Now paste or type in your image URL path to your image into the box. Your image path location needs to include the complete URL or path to the location of your image.

remote image urls

Once you have your postcard image in your image library you can now create a new email to send to your subscribers. Click on the “Content” tab again. Click on “New Content” then fill in the required boxes for the name of your email newsletter.

create new content

Under the “HTML Message” tab insert your postcard image by clicking in the small icon for “Insert Image”. You will get a new window. Click on the “Browse Server” button. This will open your image library allowing you to select your postcard image. Finish your email adding additional text to prevent your email from being marked as Spam and then save.

The sample below is a postcard coupon. You may create anything you like regarding a postcard that is in the correct image size of 600×400.

html message tab

You can now send a test email. Once you are happy with your test you can now send it to your subscribers.

Before sending your postcard newsletter to be sure to include unsubscribe instructions at the bottom your mailing. Make sure you have added additional text above your postcard image as it could possibly get marked as SPAM if you only use an image in your mailing.