Optimize your email in 7 steps.

We all agree email marketing is versatile, effective and engaging.  Email marketing can also be personal, while automated, forwarded, and tracked.

Email is the optimal marketing tool used to optimize sales. But how do you optimize email?

The Method of Optimizing Your Email

  1. Start with your captured list addresses -how are they collected, all opted-in?
  2. Did the subscribers engage with your Welcome letter?
    Is there a link in your Welcome Letter series to an informative landing page, such as an unobtrusive profile page?  (you can always collect more demographics in a later email)
  3. Will above the fold message engage the subscriber to read more.
  4. Did the subscriber open your message: We all normally open email from someone we trust, therefore it makes sense to use the same FROM address every time you send an email campaign.
  5. Consider the Subject Line. Does it stand out in a crowded inbox?
  6. Has your message been read? Was the call-to-action successful?  
  7. The correct content to send at the right time can be automatically sent with email marketing tools and collected subscriber data


content managementShould be valuable and informative

  • Relevant to the subscriber
  • Offer value
  • Engaging to take an action

And finally don’t forgo adding some social media links 😊 .