One-on-One Service

Expert List Management Assistance

You are probably the busiest person you know…

You already know, as an Internet savvy business or organization, that email is the best and the most cost-effective tool to keep in touch with your customers and members. You also know your customers and members expect easy to read, well-formatted, and timely content to arrive in their mailboxes—and not in their Junk Mail boxes.

Can you do it alone?

Sure…many can; but some of you are busier than others. You may not have the time, patience, or expertise needed to publish a good looking, grammatically correct newsletter, ezine or announcement on a tight schedule. Time constraints and responsibilities focused elsewhere may force you to put your list management duties aside. Unexpected delays happen:

• You have the content for this week’s newsletter but do not have time to run it through the content manager.
• You never got to the reports from your last mailing so you’ve lost focus on your baseline.
• The person who wrote your newsletter has been replaced by someone who only knows how to use AOL™ or Hotmail™.

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We offer a way to overcome these challenges with Dundee One-on-One Service – Expert List Management Assistance.

Dundee One-on-One offers expert assistance in the following areas:
• Assistance with your newsletter or announcement composition
• Format your message for HTML, plain text, or both
• Create a matching email newsletter and/or templates to complement your existing website
• Upload and test your content
• Schedule your mailings
• Personalized training
• Analyze and interpret your mailing reports
• Upload your subscribers

We are the Lyris ListManager™ experts.

If you don’t have the time to do it,  we do –- professionally and correctly.

For more information or to order Dundee One-on-One services,
please email and include:
• Account name and contact information
• What you need assistance with
• Time to contact you
• Deadline for your project