Non-Profit Has Positive Growth, Immediate Gratification and Saves Money Using Email Marketing.

AND if you’re not using email mailing lists for your non-profit fundraising you can be leaving money on the table.

Simply put, your donors expect you to engage with them and the easiest way to do so, not to mention the most cost-effective way, is online email marketing.

Email is easy to use, costs a fraction of Direct Mail and it’s interactive! Subscribers can forward your email with a refer-a-friend option, sign up to volunteer, fill out a poll, and numerous other activities including donating.  And best of all when you receive a donation your subscriber receives immediate gratification with a personalized instant email, thanking them for their contribution along with a receipt.  Follow up this relationship by reminding them how much you appreciate their concern, the way their donation helped and so on, with scheduled emails that are automatically released on a specific timetable.   When you maintain a good relationship with your list subscribers you will maintain the health of your list.

The success of your email campaigns depends on the health of your mailing lists.  Your list goals should include a steady current subscriber base and continual list growth because with email marketing and a solid positive list membership is the key to advocacy, general communication, and fundraising,

Here are some tips to move that list to positive growth.

two puppies

  1. Make it easy to sign up. Place that subscriber button on all your high traffic digital pages, like your Website.  Just ask for their email address and name, the rest of the information can be collected later.  Be clear with your mission statement to the people signing up to “Save the Puppies” will know they are going to receive information on puppies not feet.
  1. How do you feel about popup windows; those little boxes that jump up out of no-where when you’re on a website and ask for your email address? Do they get your attention?  They do because you decide to either close them out or fill them out.  Use one or two on your website, sparingly, of course, you may just attract more subscribers to your cause.
  1. Is your Organization on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, Vine, Google+ and all the others that aren’t mentioned here? These Social areas are designed to build up relationships. Within the walls of these Social pages, you can easily create call-to-action postings: add your website URL and request your followers to sign up to your mailing list.
  1. And then there’s the crowd of people that know nothing about your organization until someone creates a crowdfunding page. Besides a monetary benefit, you’ll realize an increase in web traffic which may lead to new advocates, new list subscribers and lots of donations.
  1. Collect email addresses at all your events. Tell them why you’re collecting email addresses, for example, to announce, “Save the Puppies” future events (or whatever you intend to share in your newsletters)
  1. You have talented writers on your board. They compose heartfelt stories about the homeless dog situation.  You also have some researchers who provide your readers with statistics, such as how much money it takes to shelter a dog compared to the cost of adoption. Your content is valuable, there may be veterinarians or animal hospitals who love to have this information for their newsletters, allow them to do so, and include a link to your website and email subscriber page.
  1. Don’t forget to invite people to visit your website in all your direct mail pieces, blogs, and business cards. In fact, you can sign up for our newsletter right here.