Newsletter Strategies for the Non-Profit Organization

Your organization as an entire entity should consider their marketing strategy to maintain credibility and audience interest.  The bigger the organization, the more need there is to create a consistent email marketing plan throughout the entire organization.  Larger organizations generally consist of many different departments, targeting different groups of people.  Consider the example of a Hospital, generally comprised of several different departments with different marketing strategies that are developed to reach particular groups such as supporters, patients, local interest groups and staff; or the University with several different marketing strategies to reach current students, alumni, donors, and prospective students; different marketing plans all within a larger organization.

The email marketing goal of each department whether operating in a University, Hospital or other non profit body is to reach their particular target audience, while the goal of the entire entity should be to advance their organizational identity.  Therefore you can conclude it should be an important part of the email marketing initiative to send a similar message theme from all departments when sending email newsletters.  If your alumni department is using a low cost email solution, another is using their Outlook contact list and yet another department is using a high end service, the messages being sent from each department will not be cohesive and the entire organization will appear unorganized.  This can be corrected if all the email marketing is managed by using one email solution for the entire organization.

We recommend that one organization should be evident in all your email messages. Use one Email Service Provider (ESP) like Dundee Internet Services, Inc to manage individual departmental newsletters that will allow you to:

* Create a friendly environment for web visitors to subscribe to receive newsletters from your various departments from one location.
* Keep the same voice for all your newsletters for all the subscribers.  You’ll find by being consistent with overall marketing strategies you will maintain your organizational credibility with your audience across the board.
* Keep the audience interested and keep your organization organized, eliminate multiple emails to the same person sent on the same day especially newsletters with different “From addresses” sent from the same entity.
* Save money and time using advanced email tools, accessible by all departments on an individual basis.


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