Creating Segments


New Segment page allows you to make a segment of your list, based on the criteria you define.

Segments are portions, or fragments of lists, whose members are based on some criteria that each member must meet in order for that member to be included in the segment. The clauses describing each member must be true in order for that member to be included in a segment.

create new segments

The new segment page allows you to easily make a segment based on information in your members table. The members table is defined by information about your members. Adding demographic information for your members is a good way to add info for your members table.

new mailing segments

A segment name must contain only lower-case alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9), hyphens (-), or underscores (_). There can be no spaces in a segment’s name.

The insert clause is to set the rules for the segment. You can create a segment for a particular domain, date or action by inserting a clause.

Below is a sample of an AOL segment that was created. The segment name is called “aol”. The description is called “AOL members of list. A clause was inserted for “Domain_=’”

edit new segment